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Traffic On My Route In Life

The way you move through traffic is the way you move through life. Click To Tweet

Traffic on my route to work is the same as traffic on my route to success.

We all have those moments when we’re in the ‘fast lane’ but the slow lane is moving faster 😒. Do you sit back, always staying in one lane, even though the lane next to you is moving faster or do you switch lanes knowing that it will only bring you forward by 3 or 4 cars? Every inch forward is progress. Al Pacino said it best in ‘Any Given Sunday’, “life is a game of inches”.

Time is time is time.

People like to say “money is money is money”, meaning that even 1 penny is still money and it adds up over time. Since time is our most valuable asset, I like to say that “time is time is time”. According to CNBC, the average commuter spends 42 hours a year in traffic đŸ˜±! Click To Tweet

If you know that all the effort you put in swerving and switching lanes is only going to get you home 3 minutes earlier, would you do it? If you sit in traffic every day and add up those 3 minutes then that is 15 minutes a week. That is one hour a month of free time that you don’t have if you allow traffic to happen to you, instead of using your ability to weave through it as much as possible. If you drive the same route to work every day, have you figured out just where the traffic is the lightest and the heaviest? Do you know which lanes to be in at which times?

That is why I believe that the way you move through traffic in your area is the same way you will move through life. There are always going to be obstacles. There are always going to be problems. There are constantly going to be difficult people that you have to deal with and if you just sit back and allow things to happen to you then you will not be very successful in life.

Traffic is a mindset

It is not so much about whether or not you have something to do or something to get back to or something that you’re working on that requires you to be there right now. It is the mindset that you go through life with. If you get comfortable quitting at anything then you become comfortable with it in life. This goes the same for sitting in traffic. If every day you become comfortable sitting back and waiting and not fighting for your time then that is the same attitude that you’re going to embody throughout life. Traffic is a significant part of your life if you commute to work every day and it can drastically change the way your brain thinks in similar situations.

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